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John Hyland / dj SpinMonkey
Dracula's Ball @ Shampoo (Philadelphia)
October 31, 2006


Set 1
    The Last Dance - Do You Believe In Angels?
    She Wants Revenge - Sister
    Concrete Blonde - Jesus, Please Forgive Me (For The Things I'm About To
    Muse - Starlight
    HIM - Wicked Game
    Wolfsheim - Find You're Here
    Icon of Coil - Shelter
    Covenant - Ritual Noise (Version 5)
    Depeche Mode - John the Revelator
    VNV Nation - Chrome
    dj Scandy - Crush on a Robot
    Combichrist - Without Emotion
    Grendel - Soilbleed (V.3)
    Suicide Commando - Conspiracy with the Devil
    Amduscia - Impulso Biomecanico
    Evil's Toy - Organics (Slow Motion Mix)
    Marilyn Manson - This is Halloween
    Ministry - Every Day Is Halloween
    NIN/Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax Like A Hole (TSN Megamix)
    The Knife - Heartbeats
    Roxanne - Fashion (Extended Mix)
    Wolfsheim - Once In A Lifetime
    Epsilon Minus - Futurepop Muzik
    Ladytron - Playgirl
    Golden Boy feat Miss Kitten - Rippin Kittin

    [ Anders Manga Show ]

Set 2
    HMB - The Metro
    Neuroticfish - WakeMeUp! (Club Mix)
    Fischerspooner - Emerge
    She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
    The Editors - Blood
    David Bowie - Magic Dance
    12 Rounds - Where Fools Go
    Enigma - Sadeness (Violent US Remix)
    Delerium - Incantation
    Implant - My Gun
    Combichrist - This Is My Rifle
    Suicide Commando - Bind, Torture, And Kill
    VNV Nation - Structure

    [ Ego Likeness Show ] 

Set 3 
    Nitzer Ebb - Lightning Man
    Aesthetic Perfection - I Belong To You
    Rotersand - Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy (Reclubbed)
    Das Ich - Destillat (VNV Nation Remix)
    Skinny Puppy - Pro-Test
    Informatik - Watching You, Watching Me
    Snog - Corporate Slave
    Tactical Sekt - Bring Me Violence
    Hocico - Ruptura (Version Del Sotano)
    Mark Oh - Sparrows and the Nightingales
    Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy's Song (Beborn Beton Remix)
    VNV Nation - Genesis (Thomas P Heckman Remix)
    Solitary Experiments - Delight
    Covenant - Dead Stars
    Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (Club Mix)
    Icon of Coil - Wiretrip

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