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John Hyland / dj SpinMonkey
Hang the DJ @ The Armory
Atlanta, GA
May 26, 2004

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Set 1 - dj Pop Tart

Set 2 - dj SpinMonkey

    The Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy
  + Secession - Sneakyville
*   Diva Destruction - The Broken Ones
* + The Cure - Strange Attraction
*   Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
  + Concrete Blonde - Mexican Moon
    Dead Can Dance - Rakim
  + Peter Murphy - Things To Be Remembered
    Bel Canto - Summer
    Curve - Beyond Reach
    The Cranes - Submarine (Patina Mix)
    Depeche Mode - It's No Good (Shuffle Mix)
    Neuroticfish - Mechanic of the Sequence
    Royksopp - So Easy
  + Alizee - Moi... Lolita (Single Version)
    Siouxsie and the Banshees - Fear (Of the Unknown)
    Ladytron - Playgirl
    Wolfsheim - Wundervoll
    Soil + Eclipse - Poetry of Angels (Blissfully Dismal Mix by RiB)
    Claire Voyant - Iolite (Octaine Mix)
    Project Pitchfork - Your Cut Feather
    Run Level Zero - Merging Shadows
    Aiboforcen - Blind Propaganda (Yendri Remix)
    Epsilon Minus - 80s Boy (Digital Dakbeh Mix by Boole)
    Sarah Vaughan - Whatever Lola Wants (Felix Da Housecat Mix)
    Matthias Schagghauser feat Rob Taylor - Hey Little Girl (Extended Blue
    FPU - Crocket's Theme (aaaah, yeah)
    Midge Uri - The Man Who Sold the World
    Delerium - After All (Andrew Sega Mix)
    The Cruxshadows - A Stranger Moment
    Paul Oakenfold - Hypnotized
    ascii.Disko - Einfach
    Run Lola Run OST - Running One
    Will - Furnace Rekindled
    Minus Sign - Behind the Wheel
    Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender (dj Tiesto Mix)
*   Razed in Black - Oh, My Goth! (Trance Remix)
  + Icon of Coil - Wiretrip
    The Echoing Green - Heart With a View (Echo Image Remix)
    Second Decay - Tonight (Egotrip Mix)
    Echo Image - Skulk (Skulkete Graebbi Mix by Icon of Coil)

Set 3 - dj PopTart

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