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John Hyland / dj SpinMonkey
Flux @ The Armory
Atlanta, GA
March 24, 2004

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+ denotes question or comment

Set 1 - dj Phade

    ego likeness-second skin
    battery-gansta's paradise
    switchblade symphony-dissolve
    last dance-dead man's party
    the merrythoughts-psychocult
    the church-reptile
    joy division-transmission
    clan of xymox-this world
    love and rockets-no big deal
    bauhaus-stigmate martyr
    nick cave-red right hand
    voltaire-when you're evil
    gossamer-run (wayne hussey)
    cruxshadows-it's a sin
    vnv-standing (still)

Set 2 - dj SpinMonkey

    Beborn Beton - Dr. Channard (Funker Vogt Mix)
*   ThouShaltNot - Last Comfort
    Alizee - Moi... Lolita (Single Version)
    Leiahdorus - The Dissection of Man
    The Cranes - Submarine (Patina Mix)
    Royksopp - So Easy
    Neuroticfish - Mechanic of the Sequence (Smooth Mix)
    Leaether Strip - Baby Doll
    Android Lust - Fall to Fragments
    Icon of Coil - Disconnect
    Willie Bobo - Fried Neckbones (remix)

Set 3 - dj Phade

    skinny puppy-smothered hope
    atb-non-stop violence
    switchblade symphony-sweet (atb)
    project pitchfork-timekiller (and one)
    diary of dreams-the curse (freak)
    the faint-control
    iris-annie, would i lie
    wolfshiem-once in a lifetime
    beborn beton-another world
    bigod 20-the bog
    wumpscut-wreath of barbs

Set 4 - dj SpinMonkey

    Goteki - Ninjagrrl
    Icon of Coil - Everything is Real?
    White Zombie - Blood, Milk and Sky (Subterranean Mix by RitM)
*   Leaether Strip - Sex Dwarf
    Fischerspooner - Emerge
*   VNV Nation - Epicentre
    Golden Boy feat Miss Kitten - Rippin Kittin
    Neuroactive - Play (Club Mix)
    Covenant - Bullet (Ellen Allien Mix)
    Iris - Unknown (Spatial Dub Mix)
    Epsilon Minus - 80s Boy (dj Ram Mix)
    Funker Vogt - Narayan
    Aiboforcen - In 2 Minds
    Assemblage 23 - Love My Way

Set 5 - dj Phade

    fictional-blue lights
    wolfshiem-sparrows and nightingales
    atb-kathy's song
    the faint-your retro career
    leaetherstrip-nose candy
    skinny puppy- warlock

Set 6 - dj SpinMonkey

*   Tori Amos - Rasberry Swirl
    Bis - The End Starts Today
    Run Level Zero - Black Limbs
*   SNOG - Corporate Slave

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