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John Hyland / dj Grendel
New Death Disco @ The Armory
March 5, 2003

* denotes a request
+ denotes comment or inquiry


Set 1 - Main Room
  Peter Murphy - Things to Remember
  Claire Voyant - Abyss
  Neuroticfish - Mechanic of the Sequence (Smooth Mix)
  Voltaire - Graveyard Picnic
  The Creatures - Slipping Away
  Murder at the Registry - The Creatures are Having Fun With the Hollywood
    Dreamblaster Tonight
  Gotterdammerung - Teargas
  Belisha - People of the Dark
  Bella Morte - Regret
  Slick Idiot - Xcess (Rammstein Remix)
* Diva Destruction - The Broken Ones
  Snog - The Future
  The Cruxshadows - Tears (Knobhead Mix)
*+Peter Murphy - Big Love of a Tiny Fool (Recall Mix)
  Butterfly Messiah - It's Time
  Cesium:137 - Regrets (Haujobb 1k Mix)
  HMB - This Fire
  Toy - Strange Modern Art

Set 2 - Side Room
  Boingo - Can't See (Useless)
  Faith and Disease - Perhaps... Persephone
  Tapping the Vein - Bleed
  In The Nursery - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Again)
  Android Lust - Stained
  Leiahdorus - The Dissection of Man
* Helium Vola - Omnis Mundi Creatura
  David Bowie - Sunday
  The Cocteau Twins - Violane
  The Creatures - Prettiest Thing (Waking Dream Mix)
  Run, Lola, Run OST - Running One
  Claire Voyant - Majesty (Premonition Mix by A23)
  Hungry Lucy - In The Circle (Neikka RPM Mix)
  Icon of Coil - Everything is Real?
  Seabound - Avalost
  0Dark:30 - The Iron Knife of My Winter Eyes
 +Soil and Eclipse - O' Magnum Mysterium
  No Comment - The Wedding Guest
*+Sex Gang Children - Guy Wonder
  The Changelings - Caterwaul

Set 3 - Main Room
  The Retrosic - Taste of Death (Requiem Edit 1)
  VNV Nation - Structure
  Aiboforcen - The Shepherd's Deathline (Negative Format Remix)
  Hungry Lucy - Fearful (Aiboforcen Remix)
  Iris - Unknown (Sub Rosa Mix)
  Echo Image - Skulk (Skulkete Graebbi Mix by Icon of Coil)
 +Frank Sinatra - My Blue Heaven
* Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth
* Ministry - Every Day is Halloween
*+Frankie Goes To Hollywood / NIN - Relax Like A Hole (ThouShaltNot MegaMix)
  The Aversion - Just a Dream  
* The Cranes - Submarine (Depth Charge Mix)
* Depeche Mode - It's No Good (Shuffle Mix)
  Covenant - Bullet (Club Version)
 +TATU - How Soon is Now?
* Helium Vola - Selig
  Assemblage 23 - Document
  Soil + Eclipse - Bridges
  Razed in Black - Oh, My Goth! (Trance Remix)
  Mark Oh - The Sparrows and the Nightingales (Long Mix)
* Snake River Conspiracy - Lovesong
  Z Prochek - Point Blank (Standing Alone Mix)

Notes: "Can't See" should never be played when there are patrons around.  Or
sharp implements.  But the side room was empty, there was a thunder storm
outside, and I've always wanted to hear that song on a club system.  

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