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John Hyland / dj Grendel
New Death Disco @ The Armory
January 15, 2003

* denotes a request
+ denotes comment or inquiry


  Peter Murphy - Things to Remember
  Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Hallelujah
  David Bowie - Sunday
 +Belisha - The Lone Ghost
 +Murder at the Registry - The Creatures Are Having Fun With The Hollywood
    Dream Blaster
*+Bella Morte - Whispers
  Ghoultown - Return of the Living Dead
 +Rev. Horton Heat - Loco Gringos Like To Party
  The Deep Eynde - Dead Alive
*+Hungry Lucy - Blame
  Depeche Mode - It's No Good (Shuffle Mix)

[ dj nonstoppurr, dj Phade ]

 +Soil + Eclipse - Bridges
  Assemblage 23 - Document
* VNV - Genesis (Thomas P. Heckman Remix)
  Z Prochek - Sacrifice Myself
 +Slick Idiot - Xcess
  Belisha - Agnostic Jihad
*+Zeromancer - Dr. Online (Rico Remix)
* And One - Panzermensch
*+Snog - Corporate Slave
* Virgin Prunes - Pagan Love Song
  ThouShaltNot - Without Faith
* QNTAL - Ad Mortem Festinamus
*+Siouxsie and the Banshees - Israel
 +Buffy, The Musical "Once More, With Feeling" OST - Rest in Peace

Notes: The big hits tonight were Soil + Eclipse (finally! I've been hoping
they'd catch on for a while now) and "Rest in Peace" off the Buffy soundtrack.
I expected that one to go over well with fans of the show, but surprisingly
enough, none of the three people who came up to the booth to ask about the
track had any idea what it is - it seems to have stood up pretty well on it's
own merits.  I'll probably play it again.  Still no response to Z Prochek, but
I think it'll come.  Aside from that, it was certainly a large and talkative
crowd tonight!  There were people in the booth every couple of minutes, and
there were so many requests I couldn't fit them all in.  Cool that people were
responding to the music, sorry I couldn't get to all the requests.

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