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John Hyland / dj Grendel
Pandemonium @ The Armory
October 9, 2002

* denotes a request
+ denotes comment or inquiry


  Big Black - Kerosene
  eNtertainme.nt - The Queen's Beasts (Or Suffer Fools)
 +Bella Morte - The Coffin Don't Want Me (And Neither Does She)
  Belisha - The Hounded

[dj nonstoppurr]

  Tall Boys - Through A Glass
  Tiamat - Spine
  Iggy Pop - I Wanna Be Your Dog
  Gotterdammerung - Teargas
  12 Rounds - Sunshine

[dj Phade, dj III, dj nonstoppurr]

  Genowen - Afraid of Gods
  Bella Morte - First Light
  Icon of Coil - Love as Blood
  Seabound - Hooked
 +Mark 'Oh - The Sparrows and the Nightingales (long mix)

[dj Phade, dj Dark Angel, dj nonstoppurr]

 +Assemblage 23 - Divide
  Regenerator - Battleground
* Wolfsheim - I Don't Love You
  Nothing Inside - I Only Love You When It Rains
*+The Endparty - New Years Day

[dj III, dj Phade, dj Dark Angel]

  Hungry Lucy - Blame
  Claire Voyant - Pieces
  The Last Dance - Winter
* Peter Murphy - The Sweetest Drop
* The Sisterhood - Giving Ground

[dj Phade]

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