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John Hyland / dj Grendel
Pandemonium @ The Echo Lounge
July 23, 2002

* denotes a request
+ denotes comment or inquiry


  Concrete Blonde - Days and Days
  Gossamer - Sweetest Misery
  Tapping the Vein - Bleed
  The Dreamside - Nuda Veritas 
  Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Passenger
  Red Temple Spirit - Lost in Dreaming
  Christian Death - Halos
  The Smiths - How Soon is Now?
  Suede - Killing of a Flash Boy
  The Deep Eynde - Tongues
  Sex Gang Children - Guy Wonder
  The Mission UK - Love Me Two Times
  Specimen - Hex
  Belisha - People of the Dark
  12 Rounds - Something's Burning
  Big Black - Kerosene
  The Birthday Party - Sonny's Burning
  The Supersuckers - The Evil Powers of Rock n Roll
* Concrete Blonde - Jesus, Please Forgive Me
* Siouxsie and the Banshees - Spellbound 
  Peter Murphy - Mercy Rain
  The 69 Eyes - Framed in Blood
  Element - Red Meat and Beauty Queens
* Skinny Puppy - Testure (12" Mix)
  The Cruxshadows - Jabberwocky
* Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp (Mission UK Mix)
  Diva Destruction - The Broken Ones
  Bella Morte - Where Shadows Lie
  Gossamer - Hollow Eyes, Hollow Soul
  Gotterdammerung - Teargas
* Sisters of Mercy - Detonation Beulevard
  The Tall Boys - Final Kick

Notes: One day I want to plan out a whole "stuff on fire" set.  It'll be,
like, cool and stuff.  Huh huh.  Other thoughts - why did I play Jabberwocky?
I have no idea.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Also, draft
Strongbow rocks, especially when DJs drink free.

Next week maybe I'll have something to say about the actual set list or crowd
response, but turnout was extremely light tonight due to massive storms in the
area - more than half of the traffic lights I encountered on the way to the
club were out, and there were a lot of accidents and branches in the streets
and such.  I don't blame people for staying home.

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