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Playlist for dj Grendel
The Belfry - November 7, 2001 at The Nomenclature Museum
Atlanta, GA

* denotes a request

     Artist                      Track

[ dj Nobody spins ]
[ Faith and the Muse Giveaway ]

* :Wumpscut:                    Wreath of Barbs
  Infekktion                    Love the Machines
  Assemblage 23                 Divide
* Wolfshiem                     Once in a Lifetime
  Mark 'Oh                      The Sparrows and the Nightingales (Short Mix)
  Icon of Coil                  Shallow Nation
  L'ame Immortelle              Judgement (Club Mix)
* SPOCK                         Never Trust a Klingon
  Iris                          The Way I Live My Life (Count to Infinity Mix)
* Soil and Eclipse              Poetry of Angels (Blissfully Dismal Mix)
* Razed in Black                Oh My Goth!
  Diva Destruction              The Broken Ones
  The Cruxshadows               Monster v2.0

[ Faith and the Muse Giveaway ]

* Faith and the Muse            Annwyn, Beneath the Waves
  Peter Murphy                  Secret Garden
* Voltaire                      When You're Evil
  Orlando Soundtrack            Pavanne
  Oingo Boingo                  Stay
  The Changelings               Johnny Ether's Great Escape
  The Creatures                 Stay (Minuteman Remix)
  Conjure One                   Redemption (album mix)
  Will                          Furnace Rekindled
  Balligomingo                  Heat
* Salome's Wish                 Black Days
* This Ascension                I Wish
  Dead Can Dance                Rakim

Notes:  I got such a good response from Never Trust a Klingon that I was
almost tempted to play Worf's Revenge later on, but then somebody requested
When You're Evil, so I played that instead.  The Sparrows and the Nightingales
also got an overwhelmingly good response.  Redemption didn't do as well as I
expected, but Furnace Rekindled pulled everybody onto the floor.  This
surprised me, since I've only heard it played in a club once, almost a year
ago, and I don't recall it having such a good response then.  Not that I'm

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