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Playlist for dj Grendel
Halloween Fetish Ball - October 31, 2001 at The Masquerade
Atlanta, GA

* denotes a request

     Artist                      Track

  Voltaire                      Nearly Human
  Faith and the Muse            Perhaps... Persephone
  Dead Can Dance                Rakim
  Delerium                      Innocente
  The Changelings               Johnny Ether's Great Escape
  QNTAL                         Palestinelied
  Conjure One                   Redemption (album mix)
  Will                          Furnace Rekindled

[ Elocia plays ]

  Cesium:137                    The Fall (gaser - j4j mix)
  The Cruxshadows               Monster v2.0
  Assemblage 23                 House on Fire
  Fictional                     On Helloween
  Android Lust                  Refuse
  ThouShaltNot                  Last Comfort

[ Salome's Wish plays ]

  Siouxsie and the Banshees     Hall of Mirrors
  Bella Morte                   Away
  Diva Destruction              The Broken Ones
  Peter Murphy                  Mercy Rain
  Concrete Blonde               Tomorrow, Wendy
  Boingo                        Insanity

[ The Last Dance plays ]

  Kurt Harlan, et al            Ausoween
  :Wumpscut:                    Wreath of Barbs
  Infekktion                    Love the Machine
  Assemblage 23                 Divide
  Icon of Coil                  Shallow Nation
  Mark 'Oh                      The Sparrows and the Nightingales (Extended
  The Cruxshadows               Heaven's Gaze (Bitter Tears Mix)
  L'ame Immortelle              Judgement (Club Mix)

[ Costume Contest ]

Notes:  I don't usually play music I've burned to a cd in clubs, but I made an
exception for Ausoween.  You can't get it any other way, and I do own both of
the original songs the track was mixed from, so I didn't feel too bad about

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