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Playlist for dj Grendel
Cirque Noir - August 18 at Innovox
Atlanta, GA

* denotes a request

     Artist                      Track

[ dj Skippywill spins ]
[ magician Jay Ward performs ]
[ dj Xtian spins ]

 Kate Bush                  Running up that Hill
 Balligomingo               Heat
 Dead Can Dance             Rakim
*Delerium                   Silence
 The Changelings            Caterwaul
 Peter Murphy               I'll Fall With Your Knife

[ give away door prizes ]

 Icon of Coil               Former Self
 Covenant                   Dead Stars
 Soil and Eclipse           Exile (Return 2 Glory mix)
 VNV Nation                 Legion
 Depeche Mode               Enjoy the Silence
*Tori Amos                  Take to the Sky

[ dj Nobody spins ]

Notes:  Woo!  My first opportunity to play with the Denon in public, and the
first night of Cirque Noir.  It went well!  The platter stop and sampling
functions are very fun.  This was another short set... got to do a full night
again some time.

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