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Playlist for dj Grendel
The Belfry - August 15 at The Nomenclature Museum 
Atlanta, GA

* denotes a request

     Artist                      Track

[ dj Fez spins ]
[ dj Fermi spins ]

  Icon of Coil                Former Self
  Fictional                   On Helloween
  VNV Nation                  Kingdom
  Soil and Eclipse            Poetry of Angels (blissfully dismal mix)
* Tori Amos                   Rasberry Swirl
  Massive Attack              Teardrop
  Sophya                      Pale Blue Moon
  Orlando Soundtrack          Pavanne
  Rhea's Obsession            Between Earth and Sky
  Covenant                    Dead Stars
  Wolfshiem                   Kunstliche Welten
  Iris                        Annie, Would I Lie To You?
  Assemblage 23               Purgatory

[ dj Versago spins ]
[ Angel Wylde spins ]

Notes: Wow, an army of DJs!  Short set tonight, for obvious reasons.  It was
kind of rough, compared to usual.  I just got a Denon DN-2600F at home, and
I've been playing with it constantly for the last couple of weeks.
Nomenclature's system is pretty low-end to begin with, and one of the CD
players has been broken for months, so they're filling in with a set-top
player.  Harsh.  If Mike's got no objections, I think I'm going to start
bringing my own equipment from now on.  Also, the club was pretty sparse.  I
blame this abysmal heat wave we're having - who wants to dance in this?  Still,
I got to play Pavanne on the club system for the first time, so all was not

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