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Playlist for dj Grendel
Reunion / The Belfry - August 1 at The Nomenclature Museum 
Atlanta, GA

* denotes a request

     Artist                      Track

[ dj Nobody spins ]

[ Mira plays ]

*Wolfsheim                  Once in a Lifetime
*Covenant                   Dead Stars
*VNV Nation                 Legion
 SPOCK                      Never Trust A Klingon
*Funker Vogt                Tragic Hero
 Icon of Coil               Former Self
*KMFDM                      Godlike
 Soil and Eclipse           Poetry of Angels (Blissfully Dismal Mix)
*Apoptygma Berserk          Kathy's Song
 New Order                  Chemical
 Synthetic                  Shutdown
 De-Vision                  Try To Forget
 Iris                       Saving Time
 ThouShaltNot               Last Comfort
 Die Form                   Silent Order
 Velvet Acid Christ         Lysergia
 Deine Lakaien              Made in Heaven
 :Wumpscut:                 Angel (Deejaydead Mix)
*Peter Murphy               Indigo Eyes '98
 Concrete Blonde            Jesus Forgive Me
 Siouxsie and the Banshees  Spellbound
 Voltaire                   The Man Upstairs
 Sohpya                     Pale Blue Moon
 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds  Hallelujah
 The Changelings            Salome
 Switchblade Symphony       Gutter Glitter
 Delerium                   Innocense
*Tori Amos                  iieee
 Boingo                     Insanity
 Diva Destruction           My Lover's Chamber

Notes: Interesting crowd tonight.  Lots of people I didn't recognize - here
for Mira, I suppose.  They kept the floor pretty packed until right around 2
am, when then they all drifted off and went home.  Worn out, I guess.
Downshifted and repopulated the floor.  Nice to have such a diverse crowd at

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