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John Hyland / dj Grendel
Reunion @ The Nomenclature Museum 
Atlanta, GA
July 18, 2001

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     Artist                      Track
 Loreena McKennit           The Mystic's Dream
 Faith and Disease          Perhaps... Persephone
 Concrete Blonde            Tomorrow, Wendy
 Siouxsie and the Banshees  Hall of Mirrors
 Rhea's Obsession           Between Earth And Sky
 ThouShaltNot               Last Comfort
 Wolfsheim                  I Don't Love You Any More
 Soil and Eclipse           Poetry of Angels (Blissfully Dismal Mix)
 De-Vision                  Try To Forget
 Iris                       Annie, Would I Lie To You
*Covenant                   Dead Stars
*VNV Nation                 Kingdom
 New Order                  Special
 Curve                      Beyond Reach
 Kate Bush                  Running Up That Hill
 Tori Amos                  Cruel
 Enigma                     Sadeness (Violent US Remix)
*Razed in Black             Oh, My Goth!
*London After Midnight      Kiss
 Soil and Eclipse           Heretic
[ Salome's Wish plays ]

 ThouShaltNot               Without Faith
 Funker Vogt                Horizon
 Ohgr                       Water
 Leaether Strip             Sex Dwarf
 Snog                       Empires
*TKK                        Days of Swine and Roses

[ Diva Destruction plays ]

[ dj Nobody spins ]

Notes: Short set tonight - two bands playing.  I wouldn't generally play two
songs by the same artist, but Soil and Eclipse and ThouShaltNot aren't really
heard of in Atlanta, so I'm trying to give them some exposure.  I meant to
play some Synthetic, too, but didn't get to it.  Also, Diva Destruction does a
great live show.

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