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There are two very different approaches to mixtapes. In one, a producer sits in a studio and meticulously splices together a perfect audio artifact. I love that kind of mix, but that's not what these are. These are made in one go with two turntables and a mixer, and should give you a feel for what an actual live performance would sound like, goofs and all.

If you enjoy the music in these mixes, please support the artists who made it! My feeling is that mixes like these increase exposure for new music and promote sales - I've found a lot of my favorite bands through other DJs' mix tapes. However, if you are a musician or a label rep and you'd like me to take down any of these mixes that contain your music, just let me know and I will happily do so.

Coffee House (2016-07-04)
Starts off with a nice downtempo groove, just waking up. The caffeine kicks in after about 20 minutes. The name comes from the arc of the music, the fact that I was talking about a couple of these tracks with my local barista that morning, and also, this is pretty much what the coffee shops in Portland sound like. Plus, you know, house music. Puns!
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Dance Candy (2013-09-02)
I had planned to make a trashy dance pop mix with some new electro mixed with a lot of guilty pleasure mainstream radio artists. Hey, guilty or not, I love that stuff! Once I started recording, though, the Lady Gaga and Britney Spears just never quite made it in. Nonetheless, this set is still very much in that original spirit, and packs a lot of kinetic energy. It'll definitely get you through your next workout!
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Music for the Black-Clad Masses (2013-01-11)
Oh hey, I guess it's been a while! Here's a varied set of things you might hear these days in clubs where people wear a lot of makeup and black clothes. A little industrial, a little electro, basically my usual mix of club stuff.
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I Break For Funky Disco (2008-06-12)
This tape is a bit of a departure! We start with some Nu Disco and mainstream dance pop and then drop in to funky breaks. It's all about being bouncy, light, and fun.
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Eclectronica (2007-03-06)
This set was recorded as part of my dj submission for Convergence 13 in Portland, and is the first one to include tracks from vinyl as well as CD. Musically, it's a mix of synthpop, industrial, and a little trance thrown in for good measure. It also has lots of looping and extended transitions, especially near the end - I wanted to do some cuts, too, but they didn't make it in. Next time!
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Astringent Melodies (2006-12-19)
There's a lot of industrial that rocks my socks, but there are also huge swaths of the genre that just leave me cold. I was thinking about it the other day, and came to the conclusion that the songs I like usually feature strong melodic components, and maybe even classical instruments like piano or flute. I also realized that all of my sample mixes focus heavily on synthpop and electro. Two birds with one stone: a mix of my favorite industrial tunes! (I've also given in to popular demand and started providing mp3's as well as ogg files.)
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Piano Forte (2005-06-18)
The main inspiration for this mix was mainly just that it had been a while since the last one and people were asking for a new mix. When I recorded it, I had just gotten back from a trip to Portland where I picked up a massive sack of CDs at Ozone UK (no sales tax!). I was eager to include all my favorite new tracks from the trip, so this eclectic mix switches between floaty ethereal electro, hard techno, synthpop, and some industrial. The flow mostly works, though there are a few spots I'd like to go back and change around. However, I've held to my "hands off" policy after a mix is recorded.

Techno-tastic! (2004-07-30)
When I made this mix, I was playing a lot at The Armory (a local gay club), doing a general "dark electronic" night. This mix is a little less "dark" and a little more "electronic", but with a couple exceptions all the tracks would fit in at a modern synthpop/EBM night.

Christian Rock (2004-03-21)
I was fooling around with the sampler on the Denon one day (whence the name of the mix), and I wanted to be able to play it back to see how it sounded, so I started recording. And then I just sort of kept playing. It's a mix of industrial and synthpop, and exemplifies my "warts and all" mixtape philosophy.


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