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Hailing originally from Atlanta, GA, John Hyland (aka dj Spin Monkey) has most recently been a regular at The Shelter's "Ritual" parties, but with more than a decade of club experience he's held a variety of residencies in a multitude of formats over the years. He has also spun at conventions and special events nationwide, including Convergence 13 in Portland, the 2006 Halloween Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia, the Atlantis Dark Music Festival, DragonCon, the Mythic Journeys Conference and Performance Festival, and the Atlanta Fetish Fair. Musically, he's comfortable with a wide range of styles from goth/industrial to dance pop to tech house to indyrock and everything in between. In addition to his musical selection and technical skills, John prides himself on his professionalism. Currently, he makes his home in Portland, OR.

Fan response to DJ SpinMonkey:

"Generally clean, often friendly, almost always enthusiastically geeky, totally in love with the oontz."

"One of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. A truly gentle soul. With a razor sharp mind that can surprise the heck out of you. :)"

"You're the only damn DJ that will play interesting stuff that makes one go, 'Whoa, am I REALLY hearing that? Rad....'"


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